Sunday, March 4, 2012

Newsfeed special: Students - March 4

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On this special Newsfeed we tried to collect and synthesize few of the numerous examples of curtailment of the rights and liberties of students. This more focused issue is aimed at bringing to the fore the less publicized but more common cases of the Turkish state’s arbitrary criminalization, and often times, violence against, students.

“Bologna Burns” - 2010 Vienna Protests and Counter Summit
Read about the global framework of student movements fueled by the “Bologna Process” and the participation of Turkish students therein on GIT – North America.

Signature Campaign of the Initiative for Solidarity with Students in Prison
Read the statement of the initiative against arbitrary detention of students and sign their petition on GIT – North America.

GIT Interview with TÖDİ [Initiative for Solidarity with Students in Prison] member Ekim Arbatlı
Read the full interview to find out about the goals and activities of the Initiative, as well as some of the data that they have so far produced on GIT – North America.

TÖDİ [Initiative for Solidarity with Students in Prison] Statement for GIT
Read the full statement on GIT – North America.

Discipline and Punish on Campus: Plights of Students
Read the GIT translation of an announcement by the Students Collective, regarding different campus dynamics and "discipline and punish" strategies implemented against the students on GIT – North America.

Prison Lectures: Professors honor their students at Bakırkoy Women's Prison
Read about the inaugural Prison Lectures that took place in front of Bakırköy Women's Prison organized by the Initiative of Solidarity with Students in Prison (Tutuklu Öğrencilerle Dayanışma İnisiyatifi, TÖDİ) and supported by GIT Turkiye and Don't touch my student! campaign (Öğrencime Dokunma! Kampanyası) on GIT – North America.

Where is this Kurdish problem that people are speaking of, I can’t see it!
Read the English translation of Ezgi Başaran’s article the title of which comes from a statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Idris Naim Şahin, on GIT – North America.