Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anthropologist Müge Tuzcu arrested

Anthropologist Müge Tuzcu (aka Müge Tuzcuoğlu), who is well known for her work among children in southeastern Turkey, was arrested on March 8 and placed in pre-trial detention on March 9.

Tuzcu was well known for her work among the children whose lives were affected by the civil war that has been going on in southeastern Turkey for decades. She had moved to Diyarbakır after the murder of Uğur Kaymaz, a twelve-year-old, by the police on November 21, 2005.

More recently, she had written about the sexual abuse scandal in the Pozantı Juvenile Prison. Just like the journalist who uncovered the scandal, Tuzcu, too, was arrested in the "framework" of KCK operations.

You can read more about this arrest on Bianet. You could sign a petition in her support on