Sunday, March 25, 2012

Newsfeed - March 25

To sign the inaugural declaration of GIT, please send an e-mail to -- to join GIT - North America, e-mail

GIT - North America is an independent organization, supported solely by the volunteered time dedicated by its members who are faculty and graduate students working on Turkey.

The daily Özgür Gündem closed for a month

Read about the police raid and the court-ordered closure of the Turkish daily Özgür Gündem on GIT - North America.

Selver's letter from prison

Read a letter from Selver İspir, formerly a college sophomore, currently an inmate at the Bakırköy Women's Prison, on our Witness Accounts page.

Student Cihan Kırmızıgül released after 25 months

Read about the release of Cihan Kırmızıgül, the Galatasaray University student who was subjected to pre-trial detention because of his
keffiyeh, via GIT - North America.

The map of unnamed students

Find out about the map of "unnamed students" released by
the Initiative for Solidarity with Arrested Students (TODI--Tutuklu Öğrencilerle Dayanışma İnisiyatifi) via GIT - North America.