Sunday, March 25, 2012

Map of Unnamed Students

The Initiative for Solidarity with Arrested Students (TODI--Tutuklu Öğrencilerle Dayanışma İnisiyatifi), the statement of whom was previously published by GIT North America, have released, what they called, the "Map of Unnamed Students". According to the report in Bianet:

With this project, the initiative wants to create awareness for judicial and administrative rights violations encountered by students and to make these violations visible. The map also aims at keeping track of the situations of the arrested students.

"The effectiveness and success of this initiative is based on contributing to an information flow. The map is a news channel for people related to rights violations faced by students", the initiative announced. They call on everybody to notify the initiative about situations like students in custody or arrest, convictions, rights violations in prisons, disciplinary investigations and penalties in schools in order to be able to improve the map. People who are able to document one of the above mentioned situations can inform the initiative on their website, the initiative's twitter account or via an e-mail to