Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Margaret Spiegelman's teaching experience in Gulenist Cag Fatih College

Margaret Spiegelman shares her teaching experience in a Gulenist Cag Fatih College in suburban Istanbul. She evaluates conditions of women in work place, and criticizes Gulen Movement's approach to female teachers in their schools.

She says

“Every day, during and after school, teachers at Fatih College are modeling – largely without question – a society where women's behavior is closely monitored, and where they have no voice in leadership. Many Turks were just as surprised as I was to find this happening in a middle-class, Istanbul suburb. When I described the school to a Turkish friend, an Istanbul University professor in his 40s, he told me, “This is not Islam. This is new. This is Cemaat.” If there's no place for women leaders at top-performing schools in Istanbul, where will they be squeezed out next? Do women have a place in Fethullah Gülen’s vision for a fast-changing Turkey?”

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