Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Newsfeed - March 28

Gender segregation in Turkish schools might be the next "reform" in Turkish K-12 education

While Turkey is in the midst of debates about the educational reform plans of AKP (see the third item on today's Newsfeed), there are signs of another "reform" on the way; find out what it is on GIT - North America.

Margaret Spiegelman's teaching experience in Gülenist Çağ Fatih College

Read Margaret Spiegelman's teaching experience in a Gülenist school in suburban Istanbul via GIT - North America to find out about the conditions of women in a Gülenist school.

4+4+4: Will this formula be a ticket to establish state-led religious schools?

Read Andrew Finkel's analysis of the AKP educational reform via GIT - North America.

The weekly Atılım seized three times in a month

Read about the Adana High Criminal Court decision about the seizure of the weekly Atılım on Bianet.