Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Newsfeed - March 21

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"When do you think YOU will get arrested?"

Galatasaray University student Kırmızıgül was arrested while waiting for the bus because he allegedly attended a demonstration. The evidence shown for his arrest was the Keffiyeh he had wrapped around his neck. Cihan's friends at Galatasaray University answered the question "When do you think you will get arrested?" right before the demonstration and the press release on the second year of his arrest. Read the English transcription of the video with their answers and more via GIT - North America.

Shocking Indictment for Academic Ersanli and Publisher Zarakolu

Academic Ersanlı is facing prison terms of between 15 to 22.5 years. For Zarakolu, owner of the Sel Publishing Company, the indictment seeks a prison sentence of between 7.5 and 15 years under allegations of "knowingly and willingly aiding an illegal organization without being a member of that organization." Read via GIT - North America.

Sener and Sik threatened on twitter and Sik faces new investigation

A blog post by Reporters Without Borders on March 19 reported an alarming threat that they witnesses through twitter targeting the two newly released investigative journalists Ahmet Sik and Nedim Sener. Read more on GIT - North America.

“Students are forced not to be oppositional”

The students, the friends of whom had been arrested, spoke to the HaberVs team about the “climate of fear and control” that they are living in during the panel titled "Fear, Control, Punishment" held at Bogazici University on March 14th. Read more on GIT - North America.