Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why could one be unhappy about the release of Şık and Şener?

Fredérike Geerdink, a freelance journalist based in Istanbul, had written an entry on her blog entitled "Why I'm unhappy about the release of Şık and Şener" on Tuesday, March 13, referring to the release of the two journalists whose pre-trial detention had attracted world media's attention to Turkey. Today we thought that Geerdink's piece could be reread after the release of Ragıp Zarakolu, another well-known name that had attracted international attention to the plight of journalists, professors, publishers, students, and translators in Turkey's jails. This is a good time to remember that there are still more than 100 journalists and several hundreds of students in Turkey's jails. You can read Geerdink's piece on her blog.