Sunday, April 1, 2012

4+4+4: Reading a poem in Latin, MP Onder said "empathize with this and abolish the barriers in front of education in mother tongue"

Sırrı Sureyya Onder, BDP deputy, read a poem in Latin in parliamentary general assembly on 4+4+4 education package.

After the poem he said “this is what hundreds and thousands of Kurdishand Arab students face at the first day of school, they don’t understand more [from Turkish] than you do from [the Latin of] this poem.” He lamented “try to empathize with this andabolish the barriers in front of education in mother tongue. In hisparliamentary address he also underlined the consequences of thisdiscriminatory practice, referring to the nationwide held school entranceexaminations he said “don’t put the Kurdish kids in the same race with theirTurkish friends in a language other then their own”