Wednesday, April 4, 2012

High school student expelled from school for his protest of cafeteria food

GIT - North America had earlier reported on the criminalization of a high school protest that was directed against the food served in the school cafeteria. Yesterday it was reported that one of the student protesters, Abdülmelik Yalçın, an 11th grader, was expelled from his school. According to the daily Radikal's reporting, seventeen students were subjected to a disciplinary investigation. Yalçın's expulsion is based on the disciplinary regulations of the Turkish "National Ministry of Education," which govern "conducting a press conference for providing information about the school without the permission of the school's directorate, issuing statements, circulating them; organizing conferences, plays, ceremonies, panels, forums, and the like, and playing an active role [in them]." You can read the full report on Radikal, or watch a video recording of an interview with Yalçın on CNN Turk.