Sunday, April 29, 2012

Newsfeed - April 29

GIT - North America is an independent organization, supported solely by the volunteered time dedicated by its members who are faculty and graduate students working on Turkey.

To sign the inaugural declaration of GIT, please send an e-mail to -- to join GIT - North America, e-mail

Songül's letter from prison

Read the English translation of a letter by Songül Sıcakyüz, a student who is imprisoned at Bakırköy Women's Prison, on our Witness Accounts page.

Uğur's crime: being a socialist

Read the English translation of a letter by Uğur Ok on our Witness Accounts page to find out how a student might spend 32 months in prison in Turkey for simply being a socialist. 

Court story of two reporters

Read about the story of the two reporters one of whom was quickly released from prison while the other was not on GIT - North America.

More on Gülen in the US media

Read the New York Times piece on Gülen via GIT - North America.