Sunday, April 1, 2012

Newsfeed - April 1

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Three Women Journalists on the Outside Tell Their Stories

At present 105 journalists, and 35 members of the press are under arrest in Turkey. 100 of these are members of the Kurdish media. During the investigation known as "KCK"s “journalist campaign”, 35 people were arrested in one day. Arzu Demir, Evrim Kepenek and Hatice Bozkurt, three female journalists were among those who were arrested as part of this  investigation. Now they have been released from custody. Read their thoughts on the uneasy state of affairs in Turkey via GIT - North America.

Journalist Ahmet Şık's Speech in Brussels and the Distorted Version by Gulen's “Zaman”

Upon the invitation of the Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament, Ahmet Şık, the Turkish investigative journalist and author recently released from prison, briefed MEPs in Brussels on March 28. Interestingly, Gulen movement's media flagship Today's Zaman’s coverage was imbued with misinformation and it was "mysteriously" modified between March 28 and March 30 from a more openly biased idiom to that of a more contained and better-tailored subjective piece. Read the details via GIT – North America.

4+4+4: The toll of the Long-Debated Education Bill

The long-debated education bill, also known as 4+4+4, passed on March 30. Among other things, the bill foresaw a twelve-year compulsory education (broken down to three tiers of four years each), the introduction of optional Quranic studies courses in the second four years, and a lowering down of the age of first grade primary school students from seven to six years of age. Read via GIT - North America.

A Poem in Latin to Abolish the Barriers in front of Education in Mother Tongue"

Sırrı Sureyya Onder, BDP deputy, read a poem in Latin in parliamentary general assembly on 4+4+4 education package. When he finished reading, MP Onder said "empathize with this and abolish the barriers in front of education in mother tongue". Read and watch the video via GIT - North America.