Sunday, January 8, 2012

Newsfeed - January 8

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Standing up against arbitrary jailing in times of unfortunate occidentalisms

Evren Savcı wrote for GIT - North America.

"As a scholar, who writes, thinks and teaches about critiques of the Western liberal subject, and problems with 'universal human rights' and Enlightenment concepts such as 'freedom' and 'liberty,' I did not think twice about joining the 'Working Group for Academic Freedom and Liberty of Research in Turkey.' Why such exceptionalism?"

Read the rest of this piece on our commentary section.

Leman on "artistic terrorism" and Uludere massacre

Read Turkish comic magazine Leman's interpretation of Minister of Interior's "artistic terrorism" concept and critique of Uludere massacre on GIT - North America.

Another representation of Uludere massacre at Boğaziçi campus

Read another take on the Uludere massacre at the Boğaziçi University campus on GIT - North America.

The price for speaking out: journalist Ece Temelkuran is fired from Habertürk

MC: Why were you fired?

ET: The last two articles I wrote might be perceived as 'too controversial.’ One was called "Sir, yes Sir!" referring to the prime minister. The article ended 'So you give the orders my commander but I'm not listening to you anymore. We are the rest of this country! We are not listening to your orders anymore!'

The last article was about how 19 of those killed were kids between 12 and 15. He made this speech about Uludere [the border town where the attack happened] massacre, which was outrageous, and he blamed journalists. And I wrote an article repeating the number [of dead] ridiculing the prime minister’s cruel attitude in a bitter way."

Read about Temelkuran's statements on the arrested journalists, Uludere, freedom of expression, etc on GIT - North America.

In memory of Metin Göktepe (April 10, 1968 - January 8, 1996)
A remarkable report (part one) by Etienne Copeaux on the murder of Metin Göktepe, January 8, 1996 in Istanbul. This young gifted photojournalist, who worked for the leftist periodical Evrensel, was savagely beaten to death, by the police while covering the funeral of two political prisoners held at the sports complex of Eyüp. 40 policemen attacked him, 11 were formally charged. Everything was done to prevent their trial. Journalists have paid a very heavy price for freedom of expression in Turkey. They still pay heavily today.