Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another representation of Uludere massacre at Boğaziçi campus

Among other protests organized in different parts of Turkey, Boğaziçi University students organized their own, as they "staged" a protest of the Uludere massacre on North Campus.

At around 3pm, by the library, first sirens and bombs were heard. Under the curious gaze of the people around, 35 students collapsed on the floor. Their silhouette were drawn on the floor with chalk, and on each silhouette, the name of a dead civilian killed during the massacre was written. Following this, BDP's Gültan Kışanak's speech at the Parliament was played.

Turning the campus floor into a "canvas" per se, the students left the silhouettes on the floor as reminders of the massacre. Thus, similar to the comic magazine Leman, the students engaged Uludere massacre in a more performative manner.

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