Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Newsfeed - January 11

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Seventeen students

According to IMC-TV, 55 people were arrested in six different provinces of Turkey yesterday. While some of these arrests were related to the ongoing KCK trials, others were directed against college students. For more details, see the report of IMC-TV in Turkish.

New GIT branches in Turkey and the UK!

GIT (Groupe international de travail / International Work Group) "Academic Liberty and Freedom of Research in Turkey"
has two new branches. GITTürkiye will hold its first meeting soon, for more information see GITinitiative. GIT-UK Branch was established following their first meeting on December 15. For more information, see GITinitiative.
The Chamber Pot Affair and the question of censorship in art

A series of news items and responses appeared in the Turkish media over the last few weeks in relation to a work of art commissioned and subsequently rejected by Istanbul Modern Art Museum. Read a news analysis on this affair by art historian Zeynep Oğuz on our Commentary page.

Darwin's trouble
with internet filters in Turkey
Read about the Turkish internet filtering system -'Child Profile'- that denies access to all internet sites related to theory of evolution and Charles Darwin, as well as the academic reactions to this censorship on GIT - North America.

Kutluğ Ataman disowns the Turkish government

a summary translation of selected passages on Minister of Interior's new definitions of terrorism, and so on, from Ezgi Başaran's interview with one of Turkey's most internationally-acclaimed artists, which was published in Radikal on Monday, January 9, on GIT - North America.