Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newsfeed - January 18

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The dreams of Turkish judiciary

The judiciary in Turkey lost more of its diminishing credibility yesterday as the verdict in the Hrant Dink's murder case ruled out any "deep state" involvement despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Read more on GIT - North America.

Opposition leader in Turkey under investigation

If you are critical of the judiciary in Turkey, you might face an investigation -- even if you are the leader of the second largest political party in the country. Read more on GIT - North America.

Journalists on trial after 13 months of detention

After 13 months of pre-trial detention, six journalists will see a courtroom on Friday, January 20. Read their story via GIT - North America.

Publishers Association asks for amendments in Anti-Terror Law

"Amendments of anti-terror law should quickly pass into law,"
stated the Publishers Association of Turkey. Read more via GIT - North America.