Friday, January 13, 2012

Newsfeed - January 13

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The "thing" in Turkish politics

"'Something' has come to power in Turkey, but not sharia," Ahmet Şık, the investigative journalist in jail, said in his letter from the prison. "I can't name that 'thing' properly." "You should obey or you should stay silent or you should go to jail," Şık said. "Yes, this is the new 'thing' that has come to power in Turkey." Find out what this "thing" might be in Justin Vela's analysis in Foreign Policy, which you can access via GIT - North America.

Another case of censorship in art

An image of two covered women approaching to kiss one another, a woman in a bikini wearing a head scarf, and two men caressing and kissing each other were found "inappropriate" in a photography exhibit. Find out the details on GIT - North America.

Hate speech triggers hate crime

Read about
a panel on hate speech held in Istanbul that discussed the boundaries between hate speech and freedom of expression on GIT - North America.

Academics oppose internet filters at universities

GIT - North America had previously covered Darwin and internet filters in Turkey. There, we had provided a link to the signature campaign pioneered by a group of scholars to oppose the internet filters at universities, requesting uncensored, unfiltered access to information on campuses. Here is an English-language coverage of the concerns of these academics.