Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Newsfeed - February 29

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Commentary - Education in Mother Language: A Barrier to Kurdish - Turkish 'Open' Dialogue

Read Nil Uzun's commentary on education in mother language on GIT - North America.

Science and Academy of Sciences under AKP government

Read about a panel discussion on science and the Turkish Academy of Sciences under AKP government, including the foundation of a new independent Science Academy in Turkey, on GIT - North America.

Sign the petition to condemn the arrests of education union officers

Support female education union officers who were arrested by the police via GIT - North America.

No releases in sixth year of proceedings

Read about the continuing court case against the underground Marxist Leninist Communist Party the defendants of which include several journalists on GIT - North America.

An open letter from Ece Temelkuran to Slavoj Zizek

Read Turkish journalist Ece Temelkuran's letter to Slavoj Zizek on the latter's support of the idea of Turkey as a model via GIT - North America.

The legacy of military coups and freedom of expression in Turkey

Read Pinar Kemerli's op-ed on the relationship between the continuing legacy of military coups and freedom of expression in Turkey via GIT - North America.

Turkish Democracy: A model abroad, troubled at home?

Watch last Wednesday's panel discussion in Washington, DC, on Turkish democracy, which included Howard Eissenstat, a GIT - North America member, on Vimeo or read about it on POMED.