Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Newsfeed - February 22

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Young academics' statement makes media waves on the internet

Read about the Young Academics' video statement on Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan's remarks on "raising a religious youth," which has been watched more than 85,000 times over two and a half days, on GIT - North America.

Students in custody for protesting the Higher Education Institution

Read about the students who were taken into custody for a peaceful protest in Zonguldak on GIT - North America.

Education projects display the government's desire to raise a religious youth

Read about the press conference of the Education and Science Workers' Union for concrete examples of governmental policies directed toward raising a religious youth on GIT - North America.

Columnist Nuray Mert speaks about the "indefinite leave" given to her by Milliyet

Read about the press release by the renowned Turkish columnist and academic Nuray Mert on the "indefinite leave" given to her by the daily Milliyet on GIT - North America.

The law on misdemeanor and the troubles of LGBT

Read about how the law on misdemeanor is arbitrarily applied by the police in Turkey to prosecute LGBT individuals on GIT - North America.

Turkish Prime Minister should be more tolerant, says European Court of Human Rights

Read the ruling on the case of Erbil Tusalp, who was sentenced by Turkish courts to pay Erdogan 10,000 TL for writing critical remarks about him, on Hurriyet Daily News.