Sunday, February 19, 2012

Newsfeed - February 19

To sign the inaugural declaration of GIT, please send an e-mail to -- to join GIT - North America, e-mail

GIT Turkiye Press Conference: The Council of Higher Education acts like National Security Council of Universities

Read about the first press conference of GIT Turkiye, which was held on February 16, on GIT - North America.

Academics United: GIT Turkiye Press Coverage

Read the Turkish press coverage of the first press conference of GIT Turkiye on GIT - North America.

New Signatures for GIT's inaugural declaration

GIT Initiative released new signatures for its inaugural declaration on February 15 and also published the signatures for GIT Turkiye. See them via GIT - North America.

Dink family petitions for the prosecution of public officials

Read about Dink family's petition via GIT - North America.

No discharge for policeman who killed student

Read about the case of the murdered student Serzan Kurt on GIT - North America.