Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Faculty Members Association demands the immediate 

release of their colleagues. 

Press Release

Academics Esra Mungan, Muzaffer Kaya ve Kıvanç Ersoy have been arrested for allegedly 

'propagandizing for a terror organization‘; an order for arrest is outstanding for Meral 
Camci. These are signs of a very grave trend: Intellectuals, academics are being investigated, detained, and even arrested simply for expressing their critical views. These 'propaganda for terror' investigations that target intellectuals and lack plausibility are in fact used as weapons to suppress dissident voices. Furthermore, the fact that the whole judicial process takes place under detention transforms them into an unconscionable mechanism of 'punishment with undue process.' 

 In our country, freedom of expression in general, academic freedom of expression in particular are under severe attack. While the political authorities, instead of taking serious precautions to prevent the terror attacks, are pouncing on academics and intellectuals, we sadly keep receiving news of terror and violence every day. We demand the immediate release of our three colleagues, who, we believe, were actually arrested for their dissident views, and all the other intellectuals who were detained or investigated for their writings and words. 

We invite all universities to protect academic freedom most resolutely. We proclaim that we shall defend freedom of expression and academic freedom to the end.

Board of Directors

Faculty Members Association