Saturday, December 31, 2011


Freedom of Science
Read on the implications of some recent governmental decision on the freedom of science in Turkey on GIT - North America.

An Intervention letter in support of the autonomy of the Turkish Academy of Sciences
Read the letter of the International Human Rights Network of Academies and Scholarly Societies on GIT-North America.

Bilan of the Year on the Rights of Expression and Association
Read a comprehensive report on the year 2011's third quarter on Bianet, with the following categories: "murdered journalists"; "journalists in prison";"attacks, threats, and obstructions"; "investigations, new/pending trials, decisions";"TCK 285, 288: how many thousand trials?" [on the Turkish penal code on "Violation of confidentiality of an investigation" and on the "attempt to influence a fair trial"] ; "trials concerned with 'insult,' 'personal rights,' and compensation claims"; "the prime-ministerial board for the protection of minors from harmful publications" [e.g., three-year prison threat for the translation of the American author Chuck Palahniuk's novel Snuff]; "Closure and Confiscations"; "regulations, effects, reactions, legal remedies"; "European Court of Human Rights: applications and decisions"; "Radio Television Supreme Council [RTÜK] reprimands."

Seminar in Paris:"Freedom of Research in Turkey"
Read the seminar announcement of GIT-France(and send your ideas even if you cannot attend) on GITinitiative.

Remember the scholars and researchers in Turkish prisons
Read the GIT-France's letter of information, including theaddresses of some of the Turkish scholars, journalists, and researchers inTurkish prisons on GITinitiative(consider writing to them). We just got confirmation from GITInitiative that Deniz Zarakolu is no longer in Edirne, but joined his father Ragıp Zarakolu in Kocaeli; they now share their cell.