Friday, January 18, 2013

For Hrant Dink – 6 years have passed!

It has been six years since Hrant  was murdered and one year since the trial (charade) ended. None of the state officials implicated in his murder have been investigated in any satisfactory manner. Not only have they not been brought into justice, almost everyone whose name is connected with this murder has been promoted. One of those who convicted him for something he did not write became the ombudsman of the Turkish Republic.  His murder was a brutality, things happening since the murder are an infamy,  and they are shameful. The struggle for justice continues on the sixth anniversary of Hrant Dink’s assassination.

Here is a link to the short documentary filmmaker Ümit Kıvanç has prepared to mark the sixth year.

The headlines in the documentary as translated by GIT North America are as follows:

For Hrant! We’re Here Ahparig (dear brother)!

They jailed the kid they used to kill you.
But they first made him a hero.

And they sacrificed a man to be punished,
the one they chose among those they had trained.

One of the murderers was their official employee,
to punish him would be too much, so they spared him.

They rewarded everyone who either participated  
or were an accomplice to the murder.

They promoted them, appointed one a governor,
took in another one to the Parliament.

The judge who made you a target – he prospered.

They got angry when we called them murderers.
But all of them are rewarded in high offices of the State.

This is what it must be like
to sink as you move higher.

They are sinking into the swamp
in their business suits.

This is what it means to be low.

To contradict those who have no shame
We’ll be there that day, ahparig!

On January 19, on the pavement they shot you
We’ll be here, ahparig!